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Disadvantaged students 'need more financial help'

18/03/2011 Joanna
More financial resources need to be directed towards pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, it has been claimed.

John Coe, chairman of the National Association for Primary Education, said the link between being poor and not doing well academically are is very clear to see.

"Poorer students tend to have more disadvantages to overcome, thus they need rather more financial support and provision from teachers and others, who can help them and their families. We welcome the government's view, which is shared by the previous government," he commented.

Mr Coe noted that nowadays money tends to "follow the child" and is directed at schools where a high number of students are entitled to free school meals.

According to a report in the Guardian earlier this week, Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes is pushing the government to adopt a multi-million pound package aimed at keeping teenagers in education ahead of next week's Budget.

Posted by Dolcie Thacker
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