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Disadvantaged Midlands boys 'at risk from far right'

22/09/2009 Joanna
According to the Birmingham Mail, a leading schools adviser has urged teachers to help protect students from extremism.

Karamat Iqbal, school effectiveness adviser for Birmingham City Council, told attendees of a recent education conference that areas which had a higher percentage of votes for far right parties, were the same communities suffering from low GCSE passes among white children.

However, Mr Iqbal also spoke positively of the region's teachers: "Many schools are doing a good job in promoting good attitudes in young people. Sometimes there are elements in wider communities that pick up on vulnerable young people."

The issue was raised earlier this year by Birmingham's Labour MP Richard Burden, who told parliament recent research had found that 83 per cent of white British pupils on free school meals did not achieve five A* to C GCSEs.

Written by Theo Foulds

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