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Didsbury site to be developed into 'one of Britain's biggest primary schools'

21/10/2016 Joanna

Plans for a new primary school development in Didsbury have been unveiled that could result in the creation of one of the largest primary schools in the UK.

Proposals have been outlined to double the size of Beaver Road Primary School, located in the centre of the suburb, creating a five-form entry school with 1,050 pupils. This planned 'super primary' would be split across the existing site on Beaver Road and a newly-built premises at a former university halls of residence site on Wilmslow Road, reports the Manchester Evening News.

All students from nursery and reception to year 3 would remain at Beaver Road, while years 4, 5 and 6 would transfer to the new site, which will be known as Beaver Road Junior School.

The plans have been backed by senior teachers and Manchester City Council as a suitable response to growing demand for school places in Didsbury and across southern Manchester in general. Currently, the school receives more than 340 applications for just 90 reception class places.

To address this, each year group would grow in size from 90 to 150, with a separate nursery. If the work proceeds according to plan, the new building will be opened in September 2018.

A consultation on the proposal will be held over the next month to canvass the opinions of local parents and residents, while teachers are offering assurances that the expansion of the school will not result in children being treated impersonally.

David How, head of Beaver Road Primary School, said: "We are a very big primary school and could soon be even bigger. Our job is make sure it doesn't feel like a huge school for children.

"It's very important children are treated like individuals and that they feel like they have a place in the school."

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