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Devon mother asks for phone controls

01/07/2009 Joanna
A mother from Devon has asked for there to be greater controls placed on the use of camera phones around children.

Cheryl Higgs is hoping to gather support for her campaign and have new measures put in place to reassure parents.

Ms Higgs told the BBC she would feel safer if she could send her children to a nursery knowing there was not the opportunity to take pictures.

"There's a lot of legislation protecting children from photos being taken on cameras in schools, nurseries and swimming pools, but none to say staff can't take camera phones to work," she said.

Special needs teachers receive training on the rules governing taking pictures in the classroom and while at work.

Advice given to Wyburns primary school from Essex county council notes that if schools are hoping to allow photography on school grounds, they must first seek written permission from parents or older pupils.
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