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Design and technology 'should remain part of core curriculum'

05/04/2011 Joanna
Design and technology is an important part of the school curriculum and should remain a compulsory subject.

This is the opinion of businessman and inventor Sir James Dyson, who said it is a subject that involves maths, science, physics and chemistry.

Speaking to the Guardian, the entrepreneur said that without it remaining part of the core curriculum it will be even more difficult to inspire young people to go into engineering professions.

"And it should have the academic rigour of engineering, attracting the brightest minds, and it should be logical, creative, and practical – inspiring young problem-solvers. If you drop design and technology as a core subject, it will no longer be seen as important," he added.

Education watchdog Ofsted published a report last month calling for the design and technology curriculum to be modernised in order to keep pace with technological developments.

It noted that some teachers are failing to expand on what they learn during their initial training.

Posted by Dolcie Thacker
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