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"Dedicated" teachers prepared to deal with challenging pupils

15/04/2009 Joanna
School staff in the UK go into the classroom "with their eyes wide open" and prepared for a variety of situations, it has been stated.

Contrary to some reports, teachers are in fact adequately prepared to deal with disruptive pupils, argued regional editor of The Good Schools Guide Sue Fieldman.

Most teachers "realise there is good and bad in every job and sometimes they just have to take what is given", she said.

Once they have completed their training, they are always ready to face problematic pupils, noted Ms Fieldman.

And the majority of school staff are "very dedicated individuals" who would not let the behaviour of their pupils affect their profession, she added.

In February, the government announced that it would be accepting some of Sir Alan Steer's recommendations about how to boost behaviour in schools.

This will include urging all secondary schools in England to become familiar with their local police officers to tackle poor behaviour.
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