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18/09/2007 Joanna

What is a CV??
The 'Curriculum Vitae', better know as a CV is Latin for 'the course of one's life'. It is a personal history, showing the skills and experiences you have gained in your life.

What is it for?
The CV is a selling document which your Teaching Agency will use to advertise you to prospective employers. However, it will only work if you know what you have to 'sell' and what a Head Teacher at a school is looking for.
· Who you are
· The agency will provide their contact details, so you do not need to provide yours. 
· What skills and achievements you have to offer
· At what level of responsibility you have been using these skills
· What benefits these skills and achievements have brought your employers

Tips for a successful CV
· Keep it brief, one or two pages are best
· Use plain English - short words and sentences.  
· Tell the truth.
· Use positive language.
· Make sure that there are no gaps in your career history
· Avoid jargon, terms or abbreviations that are specific to your country.
· Check, check and check again for spelling, dates, spacing, grammar etc.
· It is vital that your CV is neat and accurate.
· It always pays to have at least one other person to look over it for you.

· It's a selling document, so sell yourself!
· Make sure your CV shows you in your best light.
· Ask yourself, if I only had 30 seconds to read it, what impression would my CV give? Am I doing myself justice? Will it sell me to my ideal school?

Here are some suggestions and examples that we hope you will find useful in creating your own CV.  This it is just a starting point.  We expect everyone’s CV’s to be unique and we hope to help create a CV that will make you stand out from the crowd! 

Personal Profile / Personal Statement / Objective / Skills Summary

Who are you? What sort of teacher are you? What is your teaching philosophy? What makes you stand out? What are your specialist skills, achievements or strengths?  What are your teaching preferences and your career aspirations?
Example of a Personal Profile:
I am a qualified primary school teacher from New South Wales, Australia.  My specialist subject is Key Stage 1 and also Physical Education.  Since qualifying I have taught at a number of challenging schools in Canberra where I have utilized my knowledge of the curriculum.  I am an enthusiastic teacher who is passionate about teaching.  I find it fulfilling to watch children develop and learn, knowing that I have played a crucial role in their development.  I feel that my main strengths lie in my ability to implement effective behavior management techniques.  I am now looking for a challenging and rewarding career as a primary school teacher in the UK to strengthen and broaden my teaching skills.
Perhaps include additional responsibilities you have held, your most recent Training and Professional Development.  If you have Special Needs (SEN) experience it is also beneficial to mention this, for example “I have worked closely with children with autism, severe and moderate learning difficulties and emotional, behavioral and social difficulties.  I assessed their individual needs and developed a program of learning conducive to their learning ability and feel I have the patience and clarity needed to work in this area”.
Qualification / Education / Awards
Chronologically list your qualifications, the most recent tertiary qualifications first. Don’t list every single award gained at High School as once you have attended University, unfortunately High School is no longer very relevant

Your Career History
Chronologically list your teaching career, with the most recent jobs first.
List all relevant work experience (if you have also been working in a non-teaching environment for a time, briefly state where and when, rather than leaving a gap)
Provide details about your teaching experiences. For example your main duties, areas of responsibility, experience of exams, planning, report writing and extra curricular activities.
If you are newly qualified DO include your teaching placements. 
Examples of Responsibilities / Teaching Experiences:
· Fulfilled all aspects of a Primary school teacher including planning and implementing work.
· Consolidated my knowledge of the national curriculum.
· Successfully implemented classroom management strategies and developed excellent behaviour management techniques.
· Assessed children’s development and learning and reported appropriately.
· Participated in extra curricular activities such as Tennis Club and organized a school trip to the houses of parliament.
· Delivered appropriate work for SEN children and used differentiation to ensure all children achieved their full potential.
· Developed excellent ICT skills including using an Interactive Whiteboard.
· Embedded a positive and calm approach to my teaching style.
· Prepared the children for exams and also graded exam papers.
As part of the registration process Teaching Personnel require the details of two people who will be your referees.  Your referees need to be senior staff members from the most recent mainstream school/s you have taught at.  Teaching Personnel needs to contact your referees care of the school you worked at and will not accept personal email addresses or phone numbers.

Open reference letter are always excellent supplementary information for your CV, if you are fortunate enough to have referees willing to write these for you!

Any questions, do not heistate to contact a member of Teaching Personnel's International Team on

Happy CV writing!

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