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Current Snow Problems

02/02/2009 Joanna

2nd February 2009, 9-30 a.m.

At present England is experiencing severe transport problems due to the snow and the ensuing transport problems are disrupting schools across England, with localised severe disruption. 

Like you we are keen to do our level best to provide the best possible service to schools and pupils, and at present this is our best advice to teachers:

Contacts to ascertain school status:

  1. (or appropriate county) should carry details of school closures in your county, but we are hearing that some school websites are more up to date.  LEA websites are also an option.
  2.  School telephones (ultra heavy usage may make difficult).
  3. Local radio (BBC (county) are providing up to date school opening reports
  4. Here at TP we are contacting all schools with bookings today and tomorrow.  We will advise you where possible, but please use 1,2 and 3 also where conditions are most severe as we are subject to weather disruption as well.

Where the school is open please use your full ingenuity to attend as promised.  However, please take care and take appropriate support items just in case things deteriorate: shovel; lots of warm clothing; sturdy boots/wellingtons; food and drink; mobile phone (fully charged); contact details; blankets; torch and local map.

Current weather reports suggest that the weather front will be advancing northwards during today, and that there will be another heavy snowfall overnight/this afternoon. 

During today please agree the optimum communication route for tomorrow with your school.  If in any doubt please call your local office and we will do our best to sort things out.

Finally, many thanks to you all for battling this problem, and good luck for tomorrow!


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