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Creative approach to learning 'helps pupils'

18/01/2010 Joanna
Teachers who take a creative approach to how they teach their pupils in the classroom can help them to learn more, it has been claimed.

Director of education and care at Ofsted Patrick Leeson said that taking such an approach helps to boost motivation.

"Creative approaches to learning can motivate pupils and help them become effective and independent learners. We found that pupils' motivation was reinforced by the awareness they gained from tracking their own progress," said Mr Leeson.

He added that there is now a challenge to find a suitable way of tracking and recording the learning steps pupils make each day when they learn in a different environment to usual.

Teachers should be properly supported by their schools to help them keep the main focus on the quality of learning rather than the method, he suggested, adding that continuing professional development is vital in this respect.

His comments follow the release of a new report from Ofsted detailing the benefits of taking a creative approach to learning.

Written by Theo Foulds
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