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Council plans expansions of Winnington and Cuddington primary schools

29/09/2016 Joanna

New plans to expand Winnington Park Community Primary School and Cuddington Primary School are being discussed by local councillors.

Cheshire West and Chester Council is proposing to expand the capacity of six of its schools, which will result in the Winnington site having its capacity doubled, while Cuddington will also experience a significant expansion, reports the Northwich Guardian.

Winnington Park's pupil count will rise from 210 places to 420 places, while Cuddington Primary will jump from 210 places to 315. Currently, the average capacity for primary schools operated by the council is 220, according to government statistics from 2015.

The Winnington Park plans would see each school year's annual intake increase from 30 children to 60, with Cuddington's rising from 30 to 45. The plans have not yet been finalised, but are being considered in response to a recent steep increase in birth rates and the ambitious housing targets the council is currently trying to meet.

Both the Winnington and Cuddington schools have welcomed the proposals, as both have experienced an increase in demand for student places following the creation of new housing developments in their catchment areas. The planned expansion of the schools would make it easier for children in these localities to secure places near to their homes.

Winnington Park Community Primary School headteacher Jane Dale said: "This is an exciting opportunity for Winnington Park Primary and Nursery School to provide essential school places within our catchment area. We have experienced a steady increase in pupil numbers in all year groups, and as a result of the growing demand for places the school needs to expand."

Consultation events will be held at Cuddington Primary on October 4th and at Winnington Park on October 5th.

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