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Could meditation replace detention?

30/09/2016 Joanna

Detention is commonly used as a punishment for students who have misbehaved. However, one US school replaced detention with meditation - and has seen significant results. In fact, many schools across the country are now turning to yoga and meditation in order to teach their students good behaviour.

Now, instead of having a detention or being sent to the headteacher, students are sent to the 'Mindful Moment Room' to help them calm down.

This technique has proved so successful that it's being reported globally, and is likely to be trialled by some schools in the UK.

As well as offering an alternative to punishment, meditation can help students to deal with social and emotional issues that may prevent them from concentrating in class. As such, it will boost concentration among many students and allow them to potentially achieve higher grades.

This isn't a new idea in the UK though. Since 2009 education groups have been pushing for mindfulness and meditation to be part of the curriculum. 

MP Edward Timpson said that mindfulness is "a modern innovation born from the deepest traditions of meditation" that will "enable all children to enjoy good mental health and emotional wellbeing".

He went on to state: "That might include lessons taught as part of the PSHE curriculum, whole-school programmes such as mindfulness that become a normal part of the school day, role play in drama lessons, or offering meditation or yoga sessions."

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