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02/04/2008 Joanna

Teaching Personnel offer a comprehensive free CPD package for all supply staff throughout the UK. This provision is made up of a number of different genres including face to face courses, distance learning courses, school observations, teacher forums and an online resource centre.

Our face to face courses can be booked online or with your consultant at your local branch. Courses titles include the following:

● Literacy in the Primary School

● Numeracy in the Primary School

● Cultural Diversity

● Planning and Assessment KS1 and KS2

● Planning and Assessment KS3

● Problem solving and reasoning in maths at KS1 and KS2

● Maths components for secondary school teachers

● Essential strategies in behaviour management

● Introduction to SEN

● Effective Teaching in the Secondary Classroom

● Effective strategies for working with Black and Ethnic Minority pupils

● Induction

● Overseas Trained Teacher Induction (for teachers new to the UK)

● Circle Time

● Brain Gym

Our range of distance learning materials include:

● ICT across the curriculum

● Literacy Strategy

● Numeracy Strategy

● Behaviour Management

● Classroom Management


The frequency and location of all training courses mean that all supply staff have access to training on a regular basis. Training details are communicated to you through the following mediums:

       ● our website

 ● automated text messages regarding courses specific to your area and specialisms.

      ● our termly teacher newsletters include details of our training provision

      ● through regular contact calls with local branch consultants

In addition to this our website has a resource centre which is accessible to all supply staff. This resource centre has downloadable lesson plans and worksheets available in a wide variety of subjects in all key stages, proforma lesson plans and communication sheets and other useful educational websites.

Teacher Forums

Our teacher forums are a recent addition to our CPD programme and provide a useful way for you to share best practice with your colleagues, meet with other supply teachers, meet with the branch and to discuss relevant educational topics. Again you can find out more about these forums through your local branch.

Overseas Trained Teacher Orientation Evenings

A specialised orientation evening will be held at your local branch specifically for overseas teachers new to the UK. This induction evening will look at the most important factors in assisting your integration into the UK school system and will allow you to meet with other colleagues in a similar situation. These events will be held on a regular basis at the branch and are combined with a drinks evening so you can get to know your local consultants and other local overseas teachers. Ask at branch for more information. 


For more informaton abotu any of the services offered by Teaching Personnel please contact us by email and we can arrange to call you! Email






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