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Consultation launched on teacher assessment in Wales

18/12/2014 Joanna
Welsh education minister Huw Lewis is asking for views on the new proposals that have been designed to strengthen teacher assessment.

These plans involve regional consortia assuming responsibility for overseeing moderation, ensuring reliability and improving confidence in teacher assessment.  

In addition, all schools delivering Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 provision would be required to put  teachers forward for 'cluster' moderation, with the aim of developing a more consistent, rigorous and robust system for assessing learners' work.

Several other recommendations are made in the consultation, including the introduction of a new system of external verification, which could include both random and targeted sampling of pupils' work.

Another proposal involves exploring the possibility of extending the cluster group moderation model to include the Foundation Phase.

According to a recent report, the most common recommendation following Estyn inspections relates to the need to improve assessments.

The Welsh government commissioned the Australian Council for Education Research to look into teacher assessment, and it recommended making improvements to the process to achieve the necessary quality, consistency and reliability.

Mr Lewis said the recommendations would help to develop an inspection system "that is respected throughout the teaching profession and education world and widely accepted as consistent".

"This is another important part of our ongoing work to drive up education standards right across Wales and I urge anyone with an interest to feed into the consultation and help us to develop the best possible system for Wales," he added.

The consultation on changes to the teacher assessment system runs from December 12th 2014 to March 6th 2015 and is available on the Welsh Government website.

A comprehensive review of the national curriculum and assessment arrangements in Wales, including assessment from Foundation Phase to Key Stage 3, is currently being led by Professor Graham Donaldson.

As this is examining what teachers assess and when, rather than the way in which they assess it, the results are not expected to have an impact on this consultation on improvements to the teacher assessment system.

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