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Consultation launched for KS4 English and maths

03/12/2013 Joanna
A period of consultation has been launched for key stage 4 (KS4) English and maths programmes of study.

Education secretary Michael Gove has announced opinions will be sought on the matter until February 3rd 2014 as the government seeks to make sure both the "curriculum and qualifications are fully coherent". 

He stated experts have been used to draw up the guidelines for maths in order to make the subject challenging. "There is broader and deeper mathematical content with a focus on application of mathematical knowledge and skills to solve problems," Mr Gove remarked. 

It is hoped the new programme of study will leave pupils better prepared for post-16 education, as it seeks to highlight the interconnectedness of the topic. 

Similarly, improvements have also been made to English and so those in teacher jobs will have to adapt to the changes. There will be a renewed focus on reading whole texts, while at least one Shakespeare play will have to be studied. 

According to Mr Gove, these changes will make the language requirement "more demanding", as pupils will be expected to use linguistic and literary terminology "effectively and confidently in their written and spoken English".

Both programmes of study are to be introduced from September 2015.

Education and childcare minister Elizabeth Truss has stated textbooks still have a big role to play when it comes to teaching.

Speaking at the Institute of Physics, London, she said the resource acts as a map and guide for students, providing them with the basics and pointing them in the right direction to expand on their knowledge. 

"It's no surprise that these high-performing countries are creating great textbooks. Children will only flourish if they understand essential concepts and knowledge," she added.

While textbooks continue to be very popular globally - 75 per cent of teachers use them as the basis of instruction for 10-year-olds - they are not being used as frequently in the UK (ten per cent) and Ms Truss thinks this situation needs to change. 

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