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Conservative Gove details faith-based education polices

01/06/2009 Joanna
A plan by the Conservatives could see "scores" of schools established by faith groups if they came to power, reports the Yorkshire Post.

The newspaper stated that the establishment of religious state schools would be subject to Ofsted inspection and "formidable checks" would be put in place to prevent the spread of extremism.

Michael Gove, shadow schools' secretary, told the Yorkshire Post that the Tories want "to meet the rights of parents to give their children a faith-based education in accordance with their Islamic beliefs".

He added that this style of education would, at the same time, continue to promote modern British values, those looking for teaching vacancies may be interested to read.

A report released by Civitas in February this year warned that although Muslim schools do not have any significant association with terrorism, there is a worry that they may create a "ghetto mentality" which would make it difficult for children to integrate into society.

The study by Denis MacEoin investigated the websites of Muslim schools in Britain.
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