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Confidence improved 'though singing at school'

09/02/2011 Joanna
New research has revealed that singing at school can improve wellbeing and make children feel more positive about themselves.

The study, which was carried out by the Institute of Education as part of its Sing Up singing programme, also found that taking part in group singing sessions can help to build a sense of community.

The findings are based on data collected from almost 10,000 pupils at 177 primary schools.

"A clear inference may be drawn that children with experience of Sing Up are more likely to be advanced in their singing development and to have a positive self-concept," the study noted.

The research revealed that children who participated in the Sing Up scheme were two years ahead in terms of singing development than those who did not.

The government earlier this week pledged £82.5 million for music education services across England next year.

According to education secretary Michael Gove, the funding will be used to make music provision more equal and encourage top performers and graduates into the teaching profession.
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