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Computer games could boost maths skills

27/06/2016 Joanna

Multiple studies that have taken place in the US have established that using video games could improve a child's cognition, reasoning and maths capabilities.

The positive results were particularly pertinent among preschool children, which is when the brain goes through one of its most vital periods of development. 

One of the latest studies, which was conducted by researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, showed that even the most basic of digital number games could make learning maths a much simpler process for young children. It highlighted that just five minutes of simple estimation tasks rapidly improved their ability to understand values and quantities.

The researchers, who created a game specifically for the study, said that the main aim of it was to show children that they can intuitively be good at maths, rather than using it to introduce new skills or techniques for the first time. 

Speaking after the study took place, lead author of the study Jinjing “Jenny” Wang said: "If we can improve people's intuitive number ability, can we also improve their maths ability?"

The results showed that despite a primitive number sense having bearing on a person's mathematical abilities, showing them at a young age that they have an intuitive number ability can still affect their skills hugely.

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