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'Computer games can help children if moderated'

19/05/2009 Joanna
Information technology can help children during play time but must be properly regulated, it has been claimed.

In news that may interest individuals in teaching jobs, Play England has claimed that computer games can help youngsters develop as long as it doesn't take over.

Issy Cole-Hamilton, head of policy research and programmes at Play England, said: "It's just a matter of getting a balance between going out and about and actually experiencing the real world outside, rather than just experiencing a fake world."

"I think the point is that awful old phrase that a little bit of something does you good," she added.

Ms Cole-Hamilton's statement comes after Independent Schools Association chairman John Gibson stated that children are "missing out" on real-life experiences due to the technological allure of computer games and mobile phones.

According to statistics from Play England, children should do a minimum of one hour of moderate-intensity exercise each day in order to keep fit and healthy, a fact that school staff and teaching assistants may like to bear in mind.
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