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Comprehensive students 'mis-sold pointless A-levels'

15/06/2011 Joanna
Pupils from state schools are being mis-sold 'soft' a-levels, it has been claimed.

Figures obtained by MP Elizabeth Truss through the Department for Education reveal that students from private and grammar schools are more likely to take 'tough' subjects such as maths and physics.

"Students are being mis-sold low-quality subjects that are not accepted at top universities to boost school and local authorities' results," Ms Truss said.

"It is time Ofqual put an end to the myth that mathematics and media studies are 'equivalent'."

Figures show that nearly twice as many privately educated students took A-level maths in 2010 compared to those from comprehensive schools.

Furthermore, Ms Truss' findings reveal that only nine per cent of comprehensive students studied a modern language at A-level compared with 17 per cent of pupils at grammar and private schools.

The Russell Group of leading universities recently published guidance on post-16 subject choices, which has been welcomed by qualifications watchdog Ofqual.

Posted by Katy Kearns
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