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Competition for grammar schools 'on the rise'

05/01/2011 Joanna
Competition for grammar school places is on the increase, it has been claimed.

According to the Daily Telegraph, some pupils are being privately tutored from the age of four to pass their 11-plus examinations.

The newspaper revealed that at the most popular schools, up to ten children are competing for each available place.

Deirdre Donegan of Gabbitas Educational Consultants told the publication: "There has always been demand for tutoring at 11-plus but as schools become increasingly competitive parents would like to make sure that their children are 'ahead of the game' and numbers have probably increased."

The main increase in tutoring is at the younger end, she added.

In related news, it was revealed earlier this week that the Common Entrance exam used by independent schools could be taken online by children in future.

The Independent Association of Prep Schools believes this would help to ease the stress on pupils, the Daily Telegraph reports.

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