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Commons committee: Schools focussing too much on dyslexia

18/12/2009 Joanna
There is too much focus on the specific condition of dyslexia in schools from Leeds to Luton, which means other problems related to literacy are not being properly addressed, says a Commons committee.

According to the Commons science and technology select committee, 4,000 teachers being taken on as dyslexia experts should instead be known as 'literacy difficulty' experts as the focus on dyslexia is motivated less by hard evidence and more by lobbyist pressure, reports the Telegraph.

The British Dyslexia Association claims as many as ten per cent of schoolchildren suffer from the condition, but science and technology select committee member Graham Stringer recently claimed poor teaching was a more abundant problem.

According to the paper, the select committee commented: "There are a range of reasons why people may struggle to learn to read and the government's focus on dyslexia risks obscuring the broader problem."

In related news, literacy levels in schools are generally improving as a result of stronger ties being formed with local libraries, according to the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council.

Posted by Alan Douglas
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