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College students 'should think ahead'

14/08/2009 Joanna
Sixth form pupils can improve their job prospects by thinking about what qualifications are in demand, says a recruitment specialist.

Chris Morrall, recruitment management specialist at Talent Transitions, said: "The more college leavers can start matching what employers want, then the greater their chance of getting a job."

However, Mr Morrall conceded that if all young people choose the same subjects, the market will quickly become saturated.

"People should focus on what they want rather than doing things just for the sake of it," he added.

Mr Morrall's comments follow news that many learners now in work say education played a vital role in securing a job.

Those with jobs in education may be interested to hear 62 per cent of those surveyed for a government poll said their course was either vital or helpful to getting a new or different job after college.

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