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College of Teaching seeks trustees

29/07/2016 Joanna

The new College of Teaching is seeking up to eight classroom teachers to act as trustees and help to shape the direction of the body.

Specifically, it's seeking individuals who are currently working as teachers, have up-to-date knowledge of the education sector and have experience in areas such as evidence-based practice or sharing best practice between schools.

Launching this coming autumn, the College of Teaching will be the newest chartered body for the education sector. Members will gain access to high-quality evidence, including a new peer-reviewed journal, as well as being invited to regional networks and national events to debate evidence-informed practice.

The 13 founding trustees were appointed in 2015, and the teacher-led body, which will stand independently from the government, is now advertising for a chief executive, as well as eight more trustees.

Paul Dwyer, who is already a trustee of the College of Teaching and director of sixth form and a history teacher at Putney High School in London said: "Classroom teachers are the very people that the College is designed to support. It is vital to us that they help to shape our direction in the important months and years ahead."

The eight new trustees will work voluntarily for up to 20 days each year, serving for a minimum of two years. They will be appointed as council members with collective responsibilities, including determining the overall development of the college and overseeing a fundraising strategy. 

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