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Climate change project for schools

17/07/2009 Joanna
Secondary school staff are being encouraged to help educate students about climate change by a new charity initiative.

International children's charity Plan's new programme of activities is projected to involve over 3,000 children in 12 different countries.

The Make the Link, Be the Change project was devised in anticipation of the international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December this year.

Lessons suggested by Plan would cover what they describe as the four key strands of climate change: impacts, adaptation, mitigation and advocacy.

Plan says that the topics could be integrated into languages, geography and citizenship classes.

A project in Liverpool schools will see students communicating with young people in other countries.

The work they produce will be displayed at the city's World Museum as well as the United Nation's conference on climate change.

So far over 200 schools in the UK have signed up to the charity's scheme linking them to schools abroad.
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