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Clear message on sick notes 'is important'

05/05/2009 Joanna
Hull city council has stressed the importance of delivering parents a clear message on sick notes when excusing children from school due to illness.

Previously, school staff had adopted a culture of accepting absences without question but this is to change, reports the Hull Daily Mail.

Councillor Mike Ross, the Hull city council portfolio holder for education, told the newspaper: "It is important schools are giving this clear message, they will take each case on its own merits."

The crackdown aims to encourage kids to go back to school after visiting the doctor rather than taking the day off and to stop children being absent simply because a sibling is unwell.

Lyn Banks, assistant head of service for targeted support at Hull city council, also warned that absences which were not properly explained could be marked down as unauthorised.

Parents are responsible for ensuring their children attend school and failure to do so could result in a fine or prosecution.

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