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Children reveal their primary school bucket lists

01/08/2016 Joanna

Schools have now broken up for the summer, and to mark this, the Times Educational Supplement (TES) conducted a survey asking 2,500 primary school children their wish lists.

The list involved a range of things, from silly behaviour and things to wind up teachers, to life lessons, such as failing so that you can learn from mistakes.

Some of the top pranks that made the list included spinning on the teacher's chair and telling the teacher to "chill out", but reassuringly, children saw the experience of losing or falling out with a friend as a key lesson for life learned in primary school.

Another comforting sentiment among the results was the high amount of activities that included outdoor play, such as playing conkers, making a daisy chain, going pond dipping and running around in the rain.

After seeing the results of the survey, TES editor Ann Mroz said that adult worries over youngsters' "disappearing childhoods" and "lost innocence" are unfounded.

"It's heartening to see that children today behave much as children have always done. We may think they are tested, tutored and drilled as never before but they seem remarkably resilient," she stated.

"They love being naughty, playing pranks and getting up to mischief much as we did at their age, and despite the ubiquity of mobile phones and tablets, they still like to splash around in puddles and construct daisy chains."

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