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Children need to be well informed to avoid STIs, says health adviser

27/05/2009 Joanna
Children will have a better chance of avoiding sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when they are older if they receive good sexual education.

Brook, an organisation that offers sexual health advice, believes that education at an early age will help stop the prevalence of such conditions.

"Messages need to be integrated to link unwanted pregnancy and STIs together and put them in the context of young people's lives ... so that when they choose to become sexually active they are able to do so safely," says Simon Blake, national director.

The organisation believes if young people receive more support so they can make better choices - a responsibility that could fall to teaching assistants - they will be able to protect their own physical and mental health.

The NHS in Dumfries and Galloway and in Greater Glasgow encourages parents to talk more openly with their parents in the hope it will lead them to taking greater precautions when they later have sex.
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