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Cameron promises to put teachers 'in charge' of classrooms

26/04/2010 Joanna
Tory leader David Cameron has pledged a shake-up in school discipline to give staff in teaching jobs greater classroom powers, if his party wins the forthcoming election, a news report has said.

"I want to put the teachers back in charge in our classrooms, I want the head teachers to feel they are captain of their own ship", ," he was quoted as saying by the BBC.

Speaking at a rally organised by the Birkenshaw, Birstall and Gomersal Parents' Alliance, Mr Cameron said that for too long "we haven't actually trusted the teachers and the head teachers to have good discipline, standards and order in our schools".

He also reiterated his promise to give parents powers to create good schools for their children.

In related news, the Conservatives have said in their election manifesto that all schools, including primaries, will be able to have the autonomy of academy status under a Tory government.

Posted by Theo Foulds
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