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Calls made for more diploma training for school staff

08/04/2009 Joanna
People in teaching jobs require better training to help them prepare for the expected rapid increase in take-up of the diploma this year.

The government announced recently that it is thought that there will be triple the number of students taking the new qualification from this September, up from 12,000 to 40,000.

As a result, the Teaching Support Network (TSN) has argued, it is even more important that school staff are provided with the necessary tailored training and preparation time to help them deliver the full range of diploma courses.

The body has reiterated its calls for this, having recently published the results of a survey indicating that 70 per cent of people in teaching jobs believe that they need more training to effectively teach the qualification.

Last week's 14-19 diplomas conference saw chief executive of TSN Patrick Nash remind delegates of the findings of this poll.

Unveiling a £50 million investment package for local set-up costs - which can be used to help teachers prepare for the qualification's introduction - schools minister Jim Knight noted that all local authorities will be offering the diploma by 2013.
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