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Call for more special needs teachers in Wales

29/10/2009 Joanna
Schools in Wales should offer dyslexic pupils more support in their native language, says new research.

Conducted by the Welsh Assembly's enterprise and learning committee, the report recommended the appointment of one special needs teacher for every group of primary schools.

The assembly government welcomed the report and said it was committed to more work in this area.

Further recommendations made in the study include establishing courses for teachers focusing solely on dyslexia and a Welsh-language testing system for the condition.

It suggests that the courses be made available for all staff working in the classroom.

Learning difficulties charity the Welsh Dyslexia Project could also run a free helpline for users in both English and Welsh.

Founded in 2001, the project offers a range of advice and support services in addition to a number of e-learning courses for teachers.

Written by Harriet McGowan

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