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Call for more school nurses in the Midlands and around the UK

16/09/2009 Joanna
Following the release of a new report revealing school nurses feel overworked, a spokesperson for education health workers has urged the government to invest more in training and recruitment.

Rosalind Godson, professional officer for Unite the union, said: "If the government wants better outcomes for the health of school age children, they have to employ more trained specialist school nurses."

She noted that teachers need a dedicated school nurse on staff to ensure that pupils' health and wellbeing are adequately monitored.

"The bottom line is if you do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got," added Ms Godson.

A recent Royal College of Nursing report found two thirds of school nurses feel overworked and unsupported; providing care for more than 2,500 school children.

Nurses are also likely to work across a number of schools, with one quarter looking after more than ten, it revealed.

Written by Theo Foulds

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