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Businesses 'should encourage youngsters to study science'

24/01/2011 Joanna
Employers should play a more active role in helping to encourage young people to study science at school.

This is according to Pat Morton, project manager at the STEM Career Project Centre at the Centre for Science Education, who said it is important that businesses are more involved.

"They can get involved in all sorts of ways, there are a whole range of schemes through which they can get involved with schools, through providing ambassadors, through work experience – we do a lot of work with getting good work experience and getting a structured framework for young people," she explained.

"Employers really do need to be involved with education, and there's lots of scope to be able to do that now, lots of support and organisations that can help them."

In related news, education secretary Michael Gove last week announced that there will be a major review of the national curriculum, with a new one set to be introduced in 2013.

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