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BT provides computer education for primary school teachers

01/10/2015 Joanna
In 2014, BT funded a project to teach primary school teachers computer skills. Due to its success, the firm has now committed to even more funding for the project. As well as England, the free workshop programme will now be available across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The government set up the Barefoot Computing project to prepare for the introduction of a new computing curriculum in September 2014. BT provided funding for the project, which saw a great success across England.

This year the additional support from BT will allow 15,000 teachers across the UK to receive training. This will result in 400,000 primary school children being taught computing skills. As the use of digital grows, computing and technology skills are fast becoming a necessity for people to excel in almost any career.

Commenting on why BT wants to improve UK tech literacy, Patterson said: "Our purpose is to use the power of communications to make a better world. These days, life and work is built around connectivity. It isn’t just the technology that matters, it’s what everyone can do with it."

Posted by Harriet McGowan

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