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Bristol looking for BME people to fill school staff jobs

03/03/2009 Joanna
Bristol is keen to recruit school staff from black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds, it has been noted.

Speaking to the Bristol Evening Post, service director for learning, achievement and schools at the city council noted that the city would like to fill jobs in education with those who "reflect the diversity of faith, ethnicity and culture in our school population".

He added that, with this in mind, targeted support and development for those from BME backgrounds has been boosted this year, to help more take up teaching assistant jobs and other school staff jobs.

Black teacher Erna Reid-Bailey told the news source that having black teachers in schools can help boost results and improve behaviour.

"If children go into a classroom and see someone who looks a bit like them, it does relax them," she stated.

Earlier this year two reports commissioned by the Training and Development Agency for Schools and the London Borough of Hackney recommended that local authorities should do more to support the career progression of BME teachers.
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