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Bring nature into the classroom, says David Attenborough

10/01/2011 Joanna
Many children have very little contact with the natural world, so it is important that they learn about it at school.

This is according to Sir David Attenborough, who said classes on the environment and nature should be on a par with reading, writing and arithmetic.

"Climate change and habitat destruction are problems facing our generation and those of our children. In order to equip the next generation to face these problems, it is crucial that children grow up with an understanding and respect for our planet. Human beings depend on the natural world for everything," the 84-year-old told the newspaper.

"We are going to have to make increasing demands on people to care for the natural world."

Sir David noted that bringing nature into the classroom can motivate children and help them feel a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

The Royal Society last year called for more specialist science teachers in primary school, claiming this would help to keep children interested in the subject.
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