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Boys 'need more kinaesthetic ways of learning'

05/09/2011 Joanna
Boys tend to be more practical than girls and need a more kinaesthetic way of learning, it has been claimed.

Neil Mayers, educational consultant and founder of and, said there is the "old adage that girls mature faster than boys".

"In primary school, no teacher would expect a seven year old to sit in a chair the entire day and take in everything they've learned and not be fidgeting and not want to move around," he explained.

"Just out of the children and the teacher's sanity they have to make sure they are engaged and that they get to move around and see things, touch things and hear things. They have to make sure that different types of learners are engaged as well - visual learners, kinaesthetic learners need to move around and audio learners need to speak or hear what is going on and talk to each other."

Mr Mayers noted that secondary school can be difficult for kinaesthetic learners because they are generally required to spend the entire day sitting down and staying quiet.

Many boys, who are generally more kinaesthetic than girls, find they are unable to handle this.

"In order to learn, girls don't need boys, but boys do need girls around. I think that touches on the maturity. In my experience, when boys have got girls around, they check themselves more often, they are more aware and don't make as many stupid comments because they don't want to get a bad reputation with the girls," Mr Mayers added.

Speaking earlier this year, Dr Helen Wright, president of the Girls' Schools Association, noted that single-sex schools tend to punch above their weight in league tables, despite the fact that the majority of schools in Britain are co-educational.

Posted by Dolcie Thacker

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