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BME teachers urged to take up more senior roles

17/03/2009 Joanna
It is important that black and minority ethnic (BME) school staff are encouraged to take up management positions, it has been argued.

Viv Grant, founder of consultancy organisation Integrity Coaching, told the Voice about her determination to provide guidance to those who want to take on teaching jobs that are more senior.

Speaking following a recent report noting that not enough is being done to support BME teachers' career progression, she explained that her organisation is working to tackle this issue.

Ms Grant told the news source that the body is looking to ensure that there is a programme of support put in place by local authorities for BME teachers who want to move up the career ladder, as well as for when this is achieved.

"I got interested in coaching because I wanted to empower them. I realised what the education sector was missing was how to promote black and minority ethnic teachers to develop their careers," she stated.

Last month, London mayor Boris Johnson argued that more black teachers are needed in schools to help combat bad behaviour and boost results.
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