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Birmingham primary teachers see students focus on environment

25/06/2009 Joanna
Government proposals to bring in top headteachers to run failing schools could result in some school staff jobs becoming highly paid, according to reports.

Ministers' proposals to get headteachers at successful schools to also take on roles at nearby failing schools could see them earning as much as £200,000 a year.

Schools secretary Ed Balls has revealed that the teaching jobs could be highly rewarded because the state schools' governing bodies themselves will be able to decide how much they pay headteachers, meaning those working for two schools could effectively be given large salaries by both.

"To recognise the greater responsibility associated with running a number of schools, I will be encouraging governing bodies to make responsible use of the flexibilities that they already have to determine an appropriate level of pay for these heads," Mr Balls told parliament.

He explained that such remuneration would not be "constrained by the maximum of the leadership pay range but is appropriate, fair and transparent".

Earlier this week, Mr Balls explained his plans would allow weaker schools to be brought into federations with successful institutions and suggested failing schools could even be merged with their more successful counterparts as a way to improve performance.
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