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'Balance required' among teaching staff

29/09/2009 Joanna
There needs to be balance between the number of male and female teachers in schools so that children's education does not suffer, it has been claimed.

President of the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs Tatjana Hine said that while it is encouraging to see an increase in the number of female headteachers, it is important to keep balance between male and female educators.

"At the moment, if we are thinking about junior schools, then unfortunately most of the staff are female which is not good for boys. In senior schools it tends to swing the other way, so it is a very difficult balance to achieve," she said.

Ms Hine added that there is no reason why the balance between the sexes within the teaching profession should not change again in the future, adding that as schools teach both boys and girls, it is important that there are both male and female teachers there to provide guidance.

Written by Charlotte Michaels.
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