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Back to School Fun! (and Tube Stikes in London)

04/09/2007 Joanna

The start of the school year is now upon us!  Teachers all over the country are returning to the classroom this week.  Teaching Personnel has been responsible for placing hundreds of these teachers into their new positions.  There are still numerous schools that have not yet solved their staffing issues for this new term and who we are currently working with to match our available teachers into the various positions.

Unfortunately the start of the school year became even more challenging for London teachers, having to cope with a 3 day Tube strike affecting all but three tube lines.  It has been an interesting sight this morning, seeing the thousands of people usually on tubes in the monring ABOVE GROUND!  Yes all those people were out in the daylight, catching buses, waiting for taxis, utilising the overground trains.  For those of us who often choose the ease of the underground, it was refreshing to be reminded that it is possible (more scenic and sometimes faster) to travel around London without using the Tube. 

To everyone starting back at school this week, best wishes and good luck from Teaching Personnel's International Team





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