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An International Community in Brighton

21/05/2007 Joanna

Teaching Personnel is happily encouraging the formation of an International Community of Teachers in Brighton.

Recruiting from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa has meant a constant flow of teachers arriving from these countries to London and often to different parts of the UK.  Teaching Personnel has 23 branches and in many of these a small International Community is now starting to form. 

As a New Zealander, I didn't have to go far from the office in London to hear another Kiwi accent, but living in Leeds and now in Brighton (well, Hove actually) I have always appreciated a fellow Antipodean if I happened across one.  Working for the International Team has meant I've been able to support a few more teachers who wanted to move to the UK but to not do the typical London thing.  Last Thursday was the first Brighton meeting (of what we hope will be many) of like-minded, sociable, well-traveled Aussies, Kiwi's and Canadian's who happen to work as teachers and for Teaching Personnel!  If there are any more teachers out there in the same boat as us - then please get in touch, we'd happily find you more work and to introduce you to the little network we've started.   

Kathy Elvin

My email is or call the Brighton office of Teaching Personnel our details are 01273 863320.


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