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After-school activities 'boost children's confidence'

02/09/2010 Joanna
After-school activities play an important role in children's education and can help them to develop confidence and positive relationships, it has been suggested.

Helen Barnard, policy and research manager at the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, said they can be particularly important for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

"Out of school activities help children develop confidence in learning, to become 'active learners' and to see learning as a partnership with adults," she commented.

Referring to a study carried out by the charity, Ms Barnard noted that participating in evening activities can help children to perform better in formal learning environments.

Restricting children's access to these means they are unable to develop learning relationships with adults and have fewer opportunities to improve school attainment, she added.

A study carried out by Save the Children recently revealed that almost two-thirds of parents are saying no to important after-school activities because they are too expensive.
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