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Academies 'raising standards'

24/11/2010 Joanna

Academies are using their freedoms to raise standards, it has been claimed.

Published earlier this week, Ofsted's annual report rated 26 per cent of academies as outstanding, compared to 13 per cent of secondary schools nationally.

"The report shows that solid leadership, high-quality teaching, freedoms over the curriculum and strong governance all add up to high standards and rapid improvements. Academy schools which have these freedoms have bucked the national trend and have seen an increase in the numbers getting the top Ofsted rating despite the new tougher inspections," said education secretary Michael Gove.

However, he added that the number of schools failing to reach expected standards is simply unacceptable.

Mr Gove noted that no parent wants to send their child to a failing school.

In other news, the education secretary this week announced plans to introduce reading progress checks for six-year-olds from 2012.
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