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A-level subject debate 'needed'

15/02/2011 Joanna
Welsh education minister Leighton Andrews is calling for a debate about the future of A-level and vocational subjects.

Speaking at a major education conference in Cardiff, he said there has been an "explosion" in the number of subjects on offer in recent years.

"The question we have to ask ourselves is, are we giving our young people the right guidance about what qualifications really matter to them, to equip them for the career paths they choose," Mr Andrews commented.

"We know there are subjects where some universities want the focus to be. We also know there are some qualifications that employers don't want. It's my responsibility to ensure that Welsh schools and FE colleges focus on what matters when it comes to skills and qualifications."

He added that a wide national debate is needed on the issue.

The Russell Group of leading universities recently published a guide on post-16 subject choices.
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