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2016 SATS results cannot be compared

01/08/2016 Joanna

Tougher SATS exams for primary school students mean that this year's results were lower than was hoped, but former education secretary Nicky Morgan has urged people not to compare them to previous years.

The new tests were considered to be much more difficult, and as such, the results do not indicate a decline in pupils' performance. This is due to a new curriculum having been introduced, which Ms Morgan says "simply cannot be compared directly".

"I expect critics of the new primary curriculum will be quick to try and suggest that any lower results are evidence of a failure of the system. Nothing could be further from the truth.

"Neither schools nor parents should try to compare this year's results with previous years. The tests are new and are based on a new, more rigorous national curriculum - based on the best evidence from across the world."

However, despite this news, headteachers still believe that the results are too "unpredictable" for league tables.

General secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers Russell Lobby insisted that results cannot be compared to past data, as they will give a "misleading picture of school performance".

He pointed out that giving the data to parents could well become confusing, as they won't be able to accurately understand how a school is performing year on year compared to others.

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