We like to think the biggest benefit you will receive from Teaching Personnel is work – as much work as you need! We also believe the vast choice and variety in the roles available will give you a better experience during your time with us

That said, we are passionate about the value you can provide to our client schools and are determined to help you deliver this. We are also eager that you have an enjoyable and rewarding experience with us that sees you staying with Teaching Personnel for as long as your circumstances allow.

So what are the benefits of working in schools through Teaching Personnel's Catholic Schools Recruitment Partnership?

  • Choice and Variety – giving you a range of roles and job opportunities to choose from at Catholic Schools across England & Wales
  • Teaching Personnel’s CPD Academy – we have a number of professional development partnership with catholic universities and training schools 
  • Pay – weekly pay based on your skills, experience, flexibility and availability
  • myTP – the online services you need to have a rewarding and enjoyable experience 
  • Safe Working Practice – ensuring your reputation is protected
  • Excellence in Education Awards – recognising the positive impact you deliver in schools
  • TP Tokens – supporting national children and education charities through your direction

Working in a Catholic Schools - A Day in the Life (by: Helen G)

"Teaching Personnel has a special partnership with the Hexham and Newcastle diocese and so has been able to offer me the opportunity to teach in several Roman Catholic Primary Schools. This has enabled me to gain a wider experience of teaching within the Catholic ethos which I have found invaluable.  

At the beginning of the day there are morning staff meetings which start with a prayer and a short reading with a message for the day.  The children are brought in from the yard, registered and lessons begin.  Some of the schools I have taught in have had assemblies for year groups every day, and a weekly celebration assembly for the whole school. Prayers are said, hymns are sung and a passage from the Bible is read, and sometimes Bidding Prayers that have been prepared by the children are read. During special celebrations in the church calendar, the children prepare special liturgies and they participate in these.  Prayers are also said before lunch and at home time. 

In one school the priest visited the children - especially at important events, such as, the Year 6 Leavers Evening. The school I am working in at the moment we visit the nearby church on a fortnightly basis to hear Mass.

I have always been aware of a very welcoming, friendly and supportive atmosphere in a Catholic School."    


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